BeaconCTX … What’s in a Name?

In 2001, BeaconCTX founder Dan Fugate realized the difficulty enterprises faced in navigating the telecommunications industry, which can be a maze of providers, technologies, and acronyms. Customers didn’t need providers to “sell” them services, they needed a vendor neutral agency—a guide—to safely lead them through a complex industry to achieve their desired outcomes. Dan started Beacon Communications, an independent telecommunications agency, to meet this need.

We also understood that enterprises couldn’t count on service delivery promises made by the sales teams. Instead, they needed a motivated account team, demonstrating an “above and beyond” attitude, to advocate for their best interests with their technology providers. Our brand has become synonymous with providing enterprises an outstanding customer experience, that includes proactive implementation, account management, and lifecycle support. Over time, the customer experience we provide has expanded to include infrastructure and cloud services, to better meet the evolving needs of our customers.

Recently, companies across the globe have adopted our customer first approach, placing a new emphasis on providing an outstanding customer journey, from product discovery to lifecycle support. This customer journey is now commonly referred to as “CX,” short for “customer experience.” We have decided to coin our own term, “CTX”, to specifically address the “customer technology experience,” that we provide.

The new BeaconCTX is a vendor neutral technology services agency, 100% committed to driving positive outcomes that lead to an outstanding Customer Technology Experience. Our team saves enterprise stakeholders time, money, and frustration, by managing their telecom and cloud services providers, so they can focus on strategy and profit. As a guide, we assemble solutions from various vendors to meet the needs of enterprise customers. As an advocate, we then drive the desired outcomes from each vendor, throughout the customer lifecycle, often at no additional cost to our clients.

Partnerships with BeaconCTX can take you from frustrated to focused.  If you’re curious to see how you can benefit from a partnership with BeaconCTX, please schedule a call.