An Exceptional

Customer Technology Experience

from Experts you can trust

We “Get” Enterprise

We understand your plight. Most enterprise & mid market companies struggle to get quality support from telecom and cloud services providers. We regularly hear complaints about underwhelming support from providers, including constant trouble tickets, billing issues, and account team churn.

At BeaconCTX, we take over the day to day responsibility of managing these services, driving positive outcomes with providers so our enterprise stakeholders can focus on what they do best. Although we can provide a superior support experience for any enterprise account, we specialize in these areas:

  • BPO/Contact Center
  • Retail/Restaurant
  • Financial Services
  • Healthcare

We Make it Easy on you

We’re a vendor neutral agency, committed to saving our customer stakeholders time and frustration by managing their telecom and cloud services providers.

As a guide, our subject matter experts leverage our industry know-how to assemble custom solutions from providers uniquely qualified to meet our customer’s needs.

As an advocate, we represent our customer’s interests and drive the desired outcomes from each provider, often at no additional cost.

We give you Confidence and Peace of Mind


We represent you and promote your best interests, not the provider’s.


We have a long-term financial incentive to provide proactive support for as long as you’re a customer. You’ll never be “on your own” again.


Our motivated and experienced team serves as a single point of contact for all of your needs, with all of your providers.

Industry Expertise

From procurement to lifecycle support, our team leverages a vast network of relationships, and years of industry experience, to drive results.

Solution Design

Diversity is designed into your technology environment, minimizing the potential for costly and disruptive outages.

Data Management

Our team maintains contracts, network diagrams, and asset inventories that serve as the foundation of an exceptional Customer Technology Experience.

We Can Help

Offload the headache of managing your telecom and cloud services providers to our team, and get back to the work you do best!